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Joel McIntosh
I'm the publisher at Prufrock Press. I've been involved with education for more than 20 years and hold a masters degree in gifted education. I've been a classroom teacher and a parent (still am that). In addition to this blog, you can follow me on Twitter. Feel free to contact me by e-mail if you have any questions about this blog or Prufrock Press.

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Samples of Gifted Education Classroom Activities

Wednesday, June 08, 2005 - by JMcIntosh - Category: Free Activities and Lessons
When I'm shopping for classroom materials, I get so frustrated by online catalog descriptions. Every product is "exciting," "challenging," and "guaranteed to regrow lost hair." Oh wait ... that last one was from another site I was ... um ... researching ... for a friend.

This kind of thing happens because most education marketers love their products. I write most of the advertising copy at Prufrock. I'm also the final say on what we publish, so if we publish a product, you can bet that I think it's great. That shows through in our advertising copy. However, you may think differently. Every teacher has varied expectations for what a product should accomplish and how it will fit within a curriculum.

Download free samples of Prufrock Press' gifted education books.

I want our customers to feel that the products they are buying from Prufrock are exactly right for them. For this reason, we've been working hard to allow you to download free sample pages from our products. Just visit our online catalog of resources for advanced and gifted learners and click on a product that you find of interest. At the bottom of our product description pages you'll find links to downloadable sample pages.

You can download sample pages from any books published by Prufrock Press. Later this summer, we will include sample pages from books published by other publishers.

Go ahead, download a few pages! You can even print them from your browser and try them out with your students.

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